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Saturday, August 10, 2002

London Town

I went for a walk today along the Thames. Well, I got the train to Liverpool Street Station and then the tube to St.Pauls Cathedral and THEN walked, over the Millennium Bridge, left at The Tate Modern, past The Globe Theatre and along a much improved 'Bankside'. Stopped off for a drink at The Anchor. A very nice riverside pub that has recently been done up! Popped up to Borough Food Market. On the way seeing some amusing graffiti, "No Bumming", if only I had the opportunity! Made me smile.

I'm very lucky to live in London and like a lot of people who live here probably don't take advantage of living in one of the biggest most diverse cities on this planet. Having said that I have done well over the past year or so. I have tried to get my friends to come along with me to museums, exhibitions, The South Bank etc. Nine times out of ten, when asked they think I'm mad! "What? Go outside of Soho!? Are you mad Rob? You are!! You're not a proper gay man are you?! You don't like Kylie", Tone, you know I'm talking about you my friend. Having said that I did get him to Tate Modern a few weeks back, for lunch.

Another Favourite Album

Japan - Quiet Life (1979)

Friday, August 09, 2002


Glad that working week is over. I'm very tired. I'm going to have a weekend in catching up with my time-codes (video industry speak for advance copies of DVD's and VHS' to review and decide what we (HMV) are going to do with them. Sorry, can't tell you any more than that, if I did? I'd have to kill you.). I was hoping to get 'Nine Queens' but it didn't turn up at the office. I do have 'Italian For Beginners', 'Sur Mes Levres', 'And Your Mother Too' and 'Dog Soldiers' and the one I'm looking forward to most 'Roberto Succo', to get through. I'll let you know what I think.

Thursday, August 08, 2002


I have a weight problem (well, some days I care, some days I don't!). I'm about, I don't know, a stone over weight. I've cut the beer out (wine is so much more refreshing) and I've loaded the Weight Watchers CD Rom on my computer, had a sausage sandwich and then a bit of chocolate's not making me lose weight! What's that all about then?

"I'd just like to thank....."

A very quick but late thank you to Dave who helped me get going with the blog. Technology and I have never been good freinds but Dave got us together. Ta Dave.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002


'Orrible day at work today, sweaty, sticky, no bloody air conditioning near me, phone ringing off the hook. BUT! I'm very lucky to have a job I like. I work at HMV's head office in Soho in London, I'm a DVD / VHS buyer. At the moment, well, for the last few months, we have been working on our Christmas plans. It can be very hard to think about the season of goodwill to all men when it's so warm! Oh well, nearly done, only another 4 months or so to go. I do get to go to the occassional showbizz premiere you know darling. I've been quite lucky of the past few months, been to the Spiderman, Star Wars: Episode 2 and Birthday Girl (!) premieres. More of that at a later date. Enough for now, I have shirts to iron! AND THEY DON'T DO THEMSELVES LUV!

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

A Favourite Album

Roxy Music: Stranded (1973)

Paula Radcliffe
Just watched Paula win the European Championship Gold Medal in the 10,000 metres. Wonderful! I've watched her for so long get pipped at the post by one or two 'hangers-on'. After her win in Manchester at the Commonwealth Games this was the icing on the cake. BBC Sports Personality Of The Year me thinks.

Hit The North (of England)!!
Before I start on this one please don't get me wrong. I know people from the North, some of my best friends are from the North. They all seem happy with being "down South".

What is this inverted snobbery that exists with people from that part of the UK? OK, now I am lumping you all in one block but believe you me you do it to the 'Southeners' at every given opportunity. Listening to Radio 4 the other (late) night I heard some bloke with a Northern accent go on about a song that is sung with great vigour by him and his fellow Northerners, then came this, "imagine the surprise and disappointment if they found out that it was written by a Southerner". SNOB!!! I hear some of my colleagues at work talk about it being 'more real' up there, 'real people'. REAL PEOPLE!!?? What does that mean? If you don't like it why are you here? Please don't go on about it. If you heard someone from Surrey saying "oh it's sooo much nicer down here, the people are so clean and well spoken", you'd accuse them of being a Southern nonce! Sorry, you are just as bad. AND!!!! If I hear Micheal Parkinson go on about his Northern bloody up bringing again I'll throw my TV out the bloody window. I like you where ever you are from but please, don't go on about it.
I was born in the Midlands, real people in the Midlands you know!

Monday, August 05, 2002

Gay Times Letter

Here is a copy of a letter I 'fired' off to the Gay Times on Sunday afternoon

For god's sake!! Look!! YOU DO NOT STOP BEING A HUMAN BEING WHEN YOU HIT 40!!! The article in the August issue (Gay Youth Speak Out) just depressed me. Comments about older men such as "leching at all the young ass" (you should be so lucky!!) and "bitter", "bald with a beard" etc just confirm these people are "Young, dumb and full of cum" as your sub heading mentioned. I'd be very interested if you could trace these young turks in 30 years time and see if they feel so 'young' then. Luckily one or two of the guys interviewed seemed at least open to the fact that they to would pass 39 and have to deal with it. Deal with it!!!?? What am I saying??!! It's not a problem! More articles on men over 40 please and I will allow you to do features on the youngsters, which is obviously the market you are going for since your re-launch.

Best wishes Rob Edwards, not bitter, not a lech, not dead, and more than happy to exist alongside young people, as long as they relax!

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Technology and myself meet! Who'd have thought a young shy lad like myself, born in the skirting boards of Kidderminster back in 1960 (Christmas Day you know!) would be on the www thingie!?! Here I am!!! OK, as my first post please be gentle with me, I'm trying new things out.

About me? Me Me Me Me. That's enough, more will follow as I get to know you.

Testing, testing, 1,2 3.